Insight & Integration Therapies

Through to freedom with Liz Lilley

Expansive Breathwork

Discover your infinite potential through the breath. Online and in-person therapeutic workshops, facilitated to connect body and mind to initiate transformation.

A Personal Approach

Finding the right person to work with is key to any therapeutic relationship. If you are looking to explore your inner world and feel like working together one-to-one might suit you then take a look through my site, then meeting through a connection call is the first step.

I believe that with focus, intention and integration you can expand the benefits of the work you do

I am passionate about supporting and empowering people to move through areas of restriction or suffering in their lives. I will witness and understand you as an individual, supporting you to embrace more of your full potential. The foundation is a safe, compassionate, honest and non-judgemental space and relationship. This combined with effective practices, you can integrate all the strengths and vulnerabilities you encompass. Moving towards the best version of yourself, whatever that may look like, and thriving.

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Individual Care

One to one sessions offer individualised care. To see how this might look for you book a free 30-minute connection call. We will meet, discuss your needs and hopes, answer questions and see if working together would be a positive next step.

The power
of breath

Expansive Breathwork held in therapeutically facilitated spaces is a safe, simple and successful tool to release trauma or stuckness, to rest deeply and restore harmony to your life. Through connecting to the breath, integrating insights and experiencing the wisdom of your body you can transform your past and access your limitless potential.