Workplace Wellbeing

What is workplace wellbeing?

Mental and physical health has a direct impact on how we function. The more stress we have in our lives, the less able we are to perform our daily tasks.

Too much can lead to burn out, disengagement and sickness. Empowering individuals to prioritise self-care with sessions that make a difference to reduce stress and encourage relaxation and sleep ensures your team know that you have their wellbeing in mind.

Programmes that work for your workforce

A unique programme can be developed for your team including preparation, planning and delivery. I have a range of effective sessions that I can offer your team personally, as well as providing a range of expert, guest practitioners depending on the needs of your company. Getting to know the team through feedback and individualised care so that your staff can access a service that is most beneficial for them. Seeing individuals empowered with practical tools and experiences to enhance their wellbeing.

Workplace Wellbeing Programmes may include:

Stress-Busting Massage

Releasing tension in the body through massage therapy can provide instant relaxation, resetting both body and mind to let go of tension and encourage the nervous system to be soothed and calmed.

Atomic Focus – Breathing Awareness

Breath awareness is for everyone. If you want to train your brain, it’s for you. Learn how to get into your body to leave space for the brain to thrive and do its job, understand the physiology of stress and what to do about it. You will learn some simple breathing techniques and the science behind them to incorporate into your life to improve concentration, reduce stress and thrive.

Atomic Focus – Breathing

These sessions build upon breathing awareness to provide a combination of practical breathing techniques and a presentation to increase knowledge of the body’s functions and scientifically proven breathing practices to help support focus, relaxation and stress. Walk away with ways to change your state of mind from stress to focus that can be utilised forever.

Company’s also benefit from:

Functional Movement for Health

Breathwork to Increase Energy

Breathwork for Expanded States of Consciousness

Meditation and Breathwork (Online or in-person) – Morning meditation – Lunch time, Lunch out – Meditation for Sleep and Deep Rest – Meditation to Wind Down



Areas of expertise

I am a qualified and experienced Humanistic Psychotherapist, Massage Therapist, Breathwork Facilitator and Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor. I have supported thousands of people through bodywork, counselling and breathwork, giving me a broad spectrum of knowledge in working with individuals and teams. I hold corporate and public group and one-to-one sessions online and in-person combining my professional expertise to enhance the quality of life for people across many different industries.

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