What is Psychotherapy?

I am passionate about supporting and empowering people to heal and grow, to move through areas of restriction and suffering, to live with greater freedom.

Psychotherapy is a safe, confidential space to explore your inner world through talking therapy. I welcome you with warmth, honesty and respect to explore your experiences, thoughts, and feelings so you can develop a deeper understanding of yourself and begin to integrate your many parts into a more complete version of you.

Growing the confidence to make positive change in your life, reduce overwhelm and move towards reaching your full potential.

Come as you are

Engaging in therapy may not always be easy but when we are recognised, witnessed, and understood as individuals, in a safe, non-judgemental space, we can integrate all the strengths and vulnerabilities we encompass. We all have an internal landscape that may feel scary or risky to share, it may not be how we want to present in the world, and often there are conflicts between our internal and external worlds. I will be sensitive, open and truthful with you to enable the relationship to develop authentically so that the hidden aspects of the self can become seen and integrated.

When you experience a truly compassionate and caring relationship, you can build a strong foundation to be able to identify, feel and heal the challenges you face, be the best version of yourself, whatever that may look like, and thrive.

The way I work

I am a Humanistic Psychotherapist and works in an integrative way, drawing on my breadth of experience both personally and professionally. Knowledge from my practices in breathwork, bodywork, meditation and expanded states inform an embodied and unique approach.

I understand that often the mind alone cannot heal all the challenges we face, therefore, I may offer combining psychotherapy with conscious, connected breathwork, functional breathing guidance and nature connection bringing the body and mind into harmony.

Taking the next step

I would be happy to meet you for a free 30-minute connection call to discuss your needs and hopes for the process, answer questions and see if we feel like the right fit to work together. I aim to craft a unique space for you, if we choose to go ahead a commitment to four initial sessions is recommended to see where the work takes us, then we can reflect on how to move forward so that you are receiving the best possible environment for your healing.

Online Psychotherapy – 60-minute session