Expansive Breathwork as Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist Training

What is Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist Training?

This expanded state therapist experience is an immersive, experiential workshop for potential Psychedelic-Assisted Therapists.

With psychedelic substances currently being illegal in the UK many clinical trials use breathwork as part of their therapist training protocol. For therapists who may be facilitating spaces for participants in clinical research this comprehensive workshop offers first hand experiential training that is safe, accessible to all and legal.

Included in this training:

One to one health and wellbeing check

Introduction to home Presence Breath practice

Online introduction and preparation breathwork session

Guidance for breathers and therapists

In-person breathwork sessions

In-person integration group process and reflection

Online integration session post event

What this training includes

Therapists will gain the knowledge of being in an expanded state of consciousness through an Expansive Breathwork session, gaining a lived empathic experience of a clients journey through a psychedelic-assisted therapy session and how it feels to be supported by a therapist in the process. Therapists will also get to participate in the role of therapist (sitter) for someone whilst they are experiencing an expanded state. This is an opportunity to practice protocols and learn from interventions including open reflection of the internal process and challenges when working in these sensitive spaces. The opportunity to witness both perspectives is invaluable to provide therapists with the confidence and skills to provide therapeutic spaces for participants in a psychedelic dosing session.

These trainings can incorporate the organisations specific manuals and playlists if required and complement existing training so that there is an experiential element. I effectively work alongside trainers, collaborating to provide support to the therapists so that the training is as close to the actual experience as possible. The training encourages reflection, empathy, understanding and learning new skills as well as an appreciation and sensitivity to the undertaking of the participant entering a research trial.

Replicating the participant journey as closely as possible, whilst remaining accessible, the training includes an online preparation session in the form of an introduction and short breathwork, much like a dosing room preparation session.

The in-person training includes two Expansive Breathwork sessions to music with eye shades and the roles of participant and therapist are both experienced.

The online integration session is an opportunity to reflect and draw upon insights and meaning-making from breathwork session, so any personal process is supported.

The incorporation of these aspects is provided to enhance the depth of the process. This training can be personally and professionally transformational, everyone is encouraged to work through their barriers to the work as well as being supported on their personal journey. This training can be part of an initial training or as CPD, as a recommended regular space to explore and reflect on the work as a Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist in a safe container.

This session has been used to train therapists who are working on the clinical trial DMT for Depression with SmallPharma.

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