Should I try psychedelics?

Psychedelics have gained a lot of attention over recent years; many clinical trials are running around the globe to explore their potential for mental health treatment as well as thousands of years of indigenous practices working with plant medicines. Psychedelics are however powerful substances that can have dramatic effects and potentially profound insights, each person considering a psychedelic journey will have a unique reason and intention for considering this option. Psychedelic preparation can be utilised whether you are yet to decide or whether you are moving towards a journey. A space held by a qualified psychotherapist to explore reasons and intentions, to prepare for the psychedelic experience and to engage in a therapeutic process to get the most out of your process.

Psychedelic integration is a process of integrating the emotions, insights and attitudes from a psychedelic journey into day-to-day life to support long lasting growth and development. A range of practices and techniques can be used depending on the individual, the insights they are working with and how they approach and understand their experiences. Psychedelics can open significant changes in how we view ourselves, others and the world. Insights can be challenging, joyful or anything in between and bringing them to a therapeutic setting, held by a qualified psychotherapist, can support comprehension and enhance the process from an experience into something that has therapeutic meaning and supports expansion and change.

Breathwork is a dynamic, simple breathing technique that can be known as conscious, connected breath. It is often performed through the mouth that has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, when this is held in a facilitated space by a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable facilitator it can offer profound experiences to expand consciousness, release trauma or blockages and gain insights.

Yes. Breathwork can be a way to somatically release trauma from the body. As a qualified and experienced Breathwork Facilitator and Psychotherapist I often facilitate breathwork sessions alongside psychotherapy to provide a safe container to work with the symptoms of trauma whilst working with both the body and the mind. We work with intention, then surrender to the process to allow whatever the body needs to occur to unfold. Trauma release often looks and feels different to how we might expect, I thoroughly prepare the individual for what may arise in a breathwork session. In order to breathe in this way through an open mouth a health questionnaire needs to be completed to ensure safety. This way of breathing is not recommended for lone practice.


Breathwork is an embodied practice, when breathing in a specific way through conscious, connected breath you intentionally charge the nervous system to release tension, emotions or stuckness from the body from a place of relaxation and safety. Different ways of breathing can activate us and soothe us. I encourage a deep listening to what the body needs as we move through a session; it is not about forcing an experience as the body often responds in ways we may not cognitively expect, and the body may benefit from a gentler opening in some cases. You will be fully guided with my attentive presence throughout to be nurtured in the process. A breathwork session is completely different for each person and in each session, placing a trust in the body to bring up whatever is needed to be released and the inner healing intelligence we all hold within us. It can vary from deep relaxation, cathartic release of emotions, somatic release and mystical experiences as well as anything in between. There may be clear biographical content that arises, it may be metaphorical or purely somatic. Integration is a key element of the process, you are welcome to join the free group integration circles to continue to learn and grow from what has arisen in a session.

Yes, you may find that you wish to combine the deeper therapeutic relationship working on specific areas of your life experience with talking therapy and the somatic process of breathwork. I find that breathwork can be a useful way of working with issues or traumas that are not yet processed in the body, breathwork can offer a way of opening the communication between body and mind and this can be supportive to the process. We can discuss this in a free connection call to see if it might be suitable for you.

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