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Oxygen Advantage

What is Oxygen Advantage?

The OA offers the potential to transform everything you thought you knew about your body, your performance and your health – Patrick McKeown – Founder of Oxygen Advantage

Becoming a Breathwork Facilitator and witnessing such dramatic, mystical and profoundly healing experiences both personally and of the people I work with, the obvious next step for me was to understand deeply the physiology of the breath. I have followed Oxygen Advantage for several years before taking the dive into their Advanced Instructor training and what an important part of my practice it has become.

Complex knowledge made simple

I have gained a deep understanding of what happens in the body through conscious, connected breathing in the workshops I offer, enabling me to support my clients from a place of knowledge. I have gained many beathing practices that can induce calm, relieve stress and help support the reduction of symptoms of anxiety and depression, PTSD and panic disorder that I now weave into the work I offer.

Oxygen Advantage applies a unique combination of breathing exercises for optimum physical and mental health and sports performance. OA is developed from scientific research that can support healing and health, these techniques are often used by top athletes to reach the peak of their physical potential so consider the impact that can have on the layperson.

The complex nature of understanding the internal workings of our body is not for everyone yet the techniques that can be applied are. They are simple, achievable and effective. You do not need any level of fitness or understanding to begin, they can be tailored to suit you and become a regular part of your path to freedom.

How Oxygen Advantage informs my work

I deliver dynamic, interactive presentations with practical techniques as part of my Workplace Wellbeing programmes as well as combining these practices into my psychotherapy, psychedelic integration and breathwork sessions to support people with this extended, embodied and empowering knowledge. When used mindfully these simple techniques can improve oxygen delivery to the brain and reduce worry and repetitive thoughts amongst many other benefits.

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When you restore functional breathing benefits include:

A deep sense of calm, stress relief and mental clarity

More energy and better mood and concentration

Deeper sleep and relief from sleep symptoms like snoring and apneas

Less fatigue

Relief from PTSD, anxiety, depression, and panic disorder

Fewer breathing symptoms like rhinitis, asthma and exercise-induced bronchoconstriction

Better diabetes and epilepsy control

Relief from debilitating PMS symptoms

More stamina and freer movement

Relief from lower back pain

Improved posture and core muscle strength

For the more athletic amongst us practicing high altitude simulation offers benefits such as:

Improved general health

Speeds up recovery

Delays the onset of fatigue and lactic acid

Improves repeated sprint ability for team sports

Strengthens respiratory muscles

Improves running economy and run time

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