Welcome to a little of my story so far

When setting out on a journey do not seek advice from someone who never left home.Rumi

My beginnings

I respect that self-awareness, healing and growth are an ongoing process of discovery. My personal journey has led me through many seasons of life and there will no doubt be many more, along the way I have gathered extensive resources and understanding through my work with people, academic and experiential trainings and first-hand experiences. Realising that each person has unique needs, expectations and hopes, I aim to provide spaces to grow through empowerment, empathy and embodiment so that the individual can nurture their seeds and alchemise their past.

I travelled in my early 20’s and in a beach hut in India, in the middle of monsoon season with the pouring rain battering the palm roof, I received my first massage. This sparked my life direction and when I returned to the UK I began training in Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. Finishing my training in 2004 I co-founded a clinic in the North Laine area of Brighton and this ran successfully for 11 fond years. Witnessing the impact of bodywork on people’s lives was incredibly rewarding, people walked in stressed, tense and often in pain and left feeling soft, relaxed and nourished. I quickly realised and witnessed how trauma was stored in the body and how it could be released, supporting people through release with care and tenderness became a regular part of the treatment and this led to my next chapter.

My evolution

I received my BA in Humanistic Psychotherapy (First) in 2015, as many will understand, this training involves a deep reflective process. The solidity of these foundations has been key to a full and enriching life, although not always a smooth journey.

It is truly humbling that people share their inner worlds with me, I get to witness people bloom and move through our relationship to fulfilling more of their potential. I have gratefully and effectively supported thousands of people through bodywork and psychotherapy, yet I felt something was missing from my practice. Then I discovered simple and powerful breathing techniques, had some deeply profound personal experiences and went on to become a trained Breathwork Facilitator and an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Facilitator. This work has matured my practice and allowed many people to access aspects of their process that may have otherwise been left unknown.

Ever expanding

Along the way, my experience and interest in expanded states of consciousness grew. I saw breathwork, meditation, psychedelics and shamanic journeying as tools and openings that can enhance self-awareness, creativity, connection and therapeutic release. This bought me opportunities to work with many individuals integrating psychedelic experiences. I was fortunate enough to provide training in expanded states, through breathwork, for therapists on clinical trials researching DMT for depression and began working as a psychedelic-assisted therapist in clinical research into the potential benefits of psilocybin-assisted therapy. Now proudly leading Growthful Networks, sitting on the Advisory Board, and close to completing a two-year Depth Relational Process training with the Institute of Psychedelic Therapy I continue to explore new depths of personal healing and professional growth, integrating my knowledge and experience into my professional therapeutic practice.

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