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Your journey is unique

If you have found yourself here then I imagine there is a part of you that is looking to change something about your life experience, maybe it’s clear what you are looking to focus on or maybe there’s a curiosity to find a greater depth or expansiveness to your life. Your reason will be unique to you and every person I meet has their own stories, their own histories and their own path moving forwards. Honouring this individuality, I welcome each person as they are, encourage expression and openness and offer a range of effective therapies to gain insight and to integrate them. I aim to support as many people as possible to access a path of healing and growth that works for them, so you will find online and in-person group breathwork workshops and one to one psychotherapy, psychedelic integration and breathwork.

Are you feeling dissatisfied, that something is holding you back from living more fully?

Are anxiety, depression, trauma or past life events restricting you from making decisions in your best interests?

Have you tried ways of moving through feelings of pain or distress but can’t seem to shift past a certain point?

Do you feel like you are suffering rather than thriving?

Are old stories or behaviours stopping you moving forward?

Do you feel detached from your body and stuck in your head?

Are you looking to find your inner strength?

How might my way of working support you?

I am a qualified and experienced psychotherapist and breathwork facilitator, these modalities are the roots of my work, harmonising body and mind. From focused one to one work to the community of group workshops and trainings, there are many ways to transform the quality of your experience and move towards wholeness, you do not need to be alone on you journey of self-discovery.

Bringing together our curiosity and commitment to find a way to explore what may work for you, to support your unique journey.

Please reach out with any questions, I look forward to connecting with you.

With warmth


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