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Whether you are looking to work within a group or one-to-one, my sessions are aimed to support an individual therapeutic process supported by relational depth and transformational tools to move you towards feeling more whole and through to freedom.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are – Carl Jung

Expansive Breathwork

Through one to one or group workshops we engage with conscious, connected breath. You will be guided through a process of connecting with the body, moving towards rest and relaxation and then using the power of simple, dynamic breathing techniques to release stuckness and trauma, to gain clarity, to let go and allow the body to restore itself. There is always space for integration as an important process of discovering meaning to any insights. These breathwork experiences can be used as preparation for psychedelic retreats, in combination with psychotherapy or as stand-alone experiences as part of your ongoing self-development.

Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

Many people are searching for meaningful change and there is a lot of hope that psychedelics may be a tool for improving quality of life. The initial research is promising as an innovative approach to mental health but it doesn’t always come without challenges. I work in clinical research as a Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist working with psilocybin and am fully aware of the importance of preparing for and integrating a psychedelic experience. If you are looking to explore psychedelics, then I can support you to engage in a meaningful process to support your intentions and hopes for the work.


Working with me for psychotherapy sessions will be a way to explore your inner world in a warm, safe and confidential space. I offer a space for you to be heard, to be seen and to work with all the challenges that you may be facing in life. If you get a sense you are suffering rather than thriving we can discuss how I may support you.

Oxygen Advantage

As an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor, I can offer tailored simple programmes of scientific breathwork to optimise health, mental clarity and performance. A significant number of people are dysfunctional breathers and the strain this adds to the body is phenomenal. If you have a mental or physical health issue that is causing distress and you would like to explore improving the functions of the body then you might want to explore this as an option, I am developing stand-alone sessions and courses and combine this knowledge with my psychotherapy, integration and Expansive Breathwork sessions.

Workplace Wellbeing

If your company is looking to support the wellbeing of your employees then I offer a range of effective therapies, psychoeducation and functional breathing workshops. These ensure the mental and psychical health of your staff, improving satisfaction and productivity.

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training

If you are an organisation running clinical trials, do your therapists gain hands on experience of working with expanded states? If not, this training can be an invaluable addition to build confidence, empathy and experience for working with people in such vulnerable positions with such unpredictable experiences.

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