Whether you are searching for an enhancing experience for a group of friends or colleagues or are looking for a private space to explore your inner world, this selection of workshops can bring together parts of the individual or members of a group or team to encourage a sense of completeness, strength and understanding.

One to One Workshops

My one to one workshops are tailored to the individiual, from music to touch and session length. Therefore I may suggest variations to the below. I offer a free 30 minute connection call to meet, discuss any intentions or needs and answer any questions and to ensure we both feel working together feels like a postive next step.

Transformational Workshop
In-person Sessions
available across the UK, based in Brighton

This intensive one to one workshop combines Integrative Breathwork, full-body massage and talking therapy into one fluid exploration of Body, Mind and Breath. This journey is designed to integrate the conscious and the unconscious, the body, and the mind. You may be aware of something physical or emotional that you feel needs to be released or of an unknown tension that we can traverse together. Together we aim to safely explore your world to support meaningful and long-lasting change.

£240 in Brighton* - duration of session approximately 3 hours
*Travelling to another venue in the UK incurs an additional fee

"It felt like dying and being reborn. Such a gift!" Tom, 2021
"Towards the end I felt so much peace and connection, truly beautiful, it made me cry. A deep acceptance and appreciation for life" Sarah, 2021

Breathe & Be
Online -Worldwide
In-person- Brighton

These 2-hour sessions allow for space to share or create your intentions with an experienced Psychotherapist, leading into an hour long Integrative Breathwork session to music. We will have some time and space to integrate whatever moves or arises from the session and you will recieve post session self-care guidance. There may be something specific you are working through, or you may utilise this work for self-care to release any emotional build up or to reset the physical and emotional body. These can be stand-alone sessions or as part of a course of more focused exploration.

During in-person sessions I use appropriate touch to support release (if consent has been given), aromatherapy oils to ground and release and tuning forks and chimes to rebalance the nervous system towards the close.

£150 Online
£175 In-person

"A deep gratitude for supporting me through such a challenging time. Your skills, talent and wisdom have immensely contributed to my journey" - Online Breath & Be client 2021
"Amazing how helpful it was for me. Just one session and I was back on track" Aiden, 2021

Groupwork Workshops

These group sessions are a space to form deep bonds as you listen, share, and integrate a personal process within a collective experience. Encouraging trust, engagement and connection in a safe, supportive environment leading to enhanced relationships and deeper understanding.

I welcome discussing your groups needs to tailor the experience and provide a quote for the full experience.

Group Insight & Integration - Please enquire for details an regular public sessions
Across the UK, or based in Brighton

Everything is provided for your group to gather in a facilitated space to process aspects of personal and professional experience. Through connecting activities, pre and post integration talking spaces and the power of an Integrative Breathwork session, all participants can access physical and psychological relief whilst connecting through a shared transformational experience.

Included in this workshop:

  • One to one health and wellbeing check
  • Introduction to home Presence Breath practice
  • In-person preparation and intention setting
  • In-person Breathwork Sessions
  • In-person Integration Group Process
  • Online Integration Session post event

"I was surprised at the intensity of my own reaction to it, Liz guided the session in such a warm, beautiful and safe way, it was incredible and really helped me so much" Donna, 2021
"I felt the session was truly transformational. I had no idea what to expect, the whole experience really blew me away!" Michael, 2021

Group Insight & Integration

In this online workshop your group will have the opportunity to bring any areas of personal or professional challenge or celebration, set an intention for their own Integrative Breathwork session and participate in an online, facilitated group breathwork session. There will be ample time for integration and for everyone to share their experience bringing together a unique group experience from the comfort and safety of the individual’s homes.

Included in this workshop:

  • One to one Health and Wellbeing check
  • Introduction to home Presence Breath practice
  • Online Breathwork Session and Integration
  • Online Integration Session post event

"I felt like we went on a deep journey and it was beautiful" S, 2021
" I felt clearer and calmer" Karen, 2021

Expanded State Therapist Experience

An immersive, experiential workshop for potential Psychedelic Psychotherapists to experience both being in an expansive state through an Integrative Breathwork session and participating in the Therapist role for someone whilst they are experiencing an expansive state. Preparation and Integration sessions are provided to enhance the depth of the process. This experience can be transformational, everyone is encouraged to work through their barriers to the work as well as being supported on their personal journey. This can be part of an introduction or as CPD as a recommended regular space to explore and reflect on the work in a safe container.

Included in this workshop:

  • One to one Health and Wellbeing check
  • Introduction to home Presence Breath practice
  • Introduction Online Breathwork Session and Integration
  • Guidance for Breathers and Therapists
  • In-person Breathwork Sessions
  • In-person Integration Group Process
  • Online Integration Session post event

This session has been used to train therapists who are working on the clinical trial DMT for Depression. 

"Liz created a beautiful space of gentle openness that felt truly held and grounded. It was a real pleasure to see her work with such care and devotion" - Graham Campbell - Director of Clinical Psychiatry with SmallPharma

"I found the experience extremely interesting and felt reall safe in Lizs' hands - I would not hesitate to do it again. Thank you Liz!" - Participant Therapist Training DMT for Depression Clinical Trial

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